Nifi version 1.5

I am trying to create connection between output port to input port at root RPG. 
Below is my json request:

{"revision": {"clientId": "anonymous","version": 0},"component": {"name": 
"","source": {  "id": "22df69f1-0162-1000-0000-00006c01773e",  "groupId": 
"22df42c1-0162-1000-ffff-ffffcd3f7d2b",  "type": "OUTPUT_PORT"},"destination": 
{  "id": "16628c20-0ed4-3372-a9cc-9b38c49aaf29",  "groupId": 
"ad4a6524-0161-1000-ffff-fffff8293860",  "type": "REMOTE_INPUT_PORT"}}}

This works fine if I put delay about 45 secs after creating destination port 
(remote input port). Otherwise it is failing with below error:

Response to create connection from out to RPG: Node xxx is unable to fulfill 
this request due to: Unable to find the specified destination.

This port will show up in the response from 
<nifihost:port>/nifi-api/remote-process-groups/" + rootRPGId. Still it 
complains saying unable to find specified destination.

Are there any other parameters to be checked before issuing the connection 

Appreciate any help.


Ravi Papisetti

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