Thanks for the all the help yesterday standing up LDAP for NIFI. I was able to 
troubleshoot and fix the issues myself. I am running into a unique issue with 
my Nifi-Registry when I try to login with my LDAP credentials like I do for the 
nifi cluster I get in my logs with this:

2018-04-10 18:43:15,303 INFO [NiFi Registry Web Server-18] 
o.a.n.r.w.s.NiFiRegistrySecurityConfig AuthenticationEntryPoint invoked as no 
user identity credentials were found in the request.

My identity-providers.xml is this:
                 <property name="Authentication Strategy">START_TLS</property>
                 <property name="Manager 
                 <property name="Manager Password">{redacted}</property> 
                 <property name="TLS - Keystoreā€¯>
                 <property name="TLS - Keystore Password"></property> 
                 <property name="TLS - Keystore Type"></property>
                 <property name="TLS - 
                 <property name="TLS - Truststore 
                <property name="TLS - Truststore Type">JKS</property> 
                 <property name="TLS - Client Auth"></property> 
                 <property name="TLS - Protocol">TLSv1.2</property>
                 <property name="TLS - Shutdown Gracefully"></property>
                 <property name="Referral Strategy">FOLLOW</property> 
                 <property name="Connect Timeout">10 secs</property> 
                 <property name="Read Timeout">10 secs</property> 
                 <property name="Url">ldap://</property> 
                 <property name="User Search 
                 <property name="User Search Filter">uid={0}</property> 
                 <property name="Identity Strategy">USE_USERNAME</property> 
                 <property name="Authentication Expiration">12 hours</property> 

For the most part I grabbed most of this from my Nifi node 
login-identity-providers.xml but I seem to have something messed up.

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