If you know a scripting language that's supported, you can use the
ScriptedLookupService to tailor the behavior to your exact specification.
The dynamic properties also support EL, so depending your use case you
might be able to leverage that.

Ex of a Groovy script built for ScriptedLookupService:

On Wed, Apr 11, 2018 at 6:19 AM, françois lacombe <
francois.laco...@dcbrain.com> wrote:

> Hi all,
> This morning, i'm trying to update records from a csv file prior to send
> them in a pgsql db.
> The UpdateRecord processor sounds to be the most useful to do so.
> Given problem is I have to replace values of some columns, depending of
> current value:
> 1 => a
> 2 => b
> 3 => c
> ...
> 10 => j
> UpdateRecord actually accepts custom properties to set a unique value of a
> given key (with Literal replacement strategy) but how can I provide a kind
> of map of values depending of existing? Is this even possible ?
> I thought of a combination of RouteOnAttribute and UpdateRecord processors
> but this would lead to dozen of processors in my pipeline since I have
> approximately 50 different replacement to make.
> I hope I won't have to choose this option :)
> Thanks in advance for any input, all the best
> François Lacombe

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