Dear Sir,

I have a new Apple Mac Pro computer. I previously had to get special permission 
from Apple to open your old Open Office program. I made a permanent change to 
my Apple computer to access other down loaded programs.

Now Apple in their updates has changed my computer back to no new programs 
unless approved by Apple. 

I downloaded your new Open Office Apache updated program and you made it seem 
so simple, like Apple would give me no problems. Apple again shut your program 
down. Now I have no access to my documents. 

I need help. This time Apple will not help. 

Any recommendations on computers because I am selling all my Apple iPhones, my 
2 MacPros and various other Apple devices. Apple dumped 236 of my CD downloaded 
songs in a transfer from iPhone 5 to iPhone 6s. They did this transfer at the 
store with no backup. So it was Apples software that dumped the songs. Apple 
can now be described as Sub Rosa Crooks.

Jim Driscoll

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