I want to have columns  I set as currency to assume the last two digits should 
be behind a decimal point. For example, if I input 1257, I automatically want a 
decimal inserted between the the 2 and 5 to read $12.57. Presently, I have to 
insert a decimal point with each entry. If I don’t insert a decimal, it is 
assumed a decimal is to be inserted at the end of the number input and then it 
inserts a decimal and two zeroes. So if I input 1257, it shows $1257.00 whereas 
I want $12.57. If I input 12, the application assumes $12.00 and not $0.12
This causes me to insert a decimal point exactly where I want it instead of the 
application assuming the last two digits are to have a decimal inserted before 
the two digits.

Also, I don’t think the leading zeroes function is working for at least 
Format>Cells>Currency. No what number I input for leading zeroes, there isn’t 
any change in the output number.

I obviously need help.

Thanks you for a great product and your time to create and maintain.

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