On 10/16/16 17:46, Edwin Irving wrote:
> I want to have columns  I set as currency to assume the last two
> digits should be behind a decimal point. For example, if I input
> 1257, I automatically want a decimal inserted between the the 2 and 5
> to read $12.57. Presently, I have to insert a decimal point with each
> entry. If I don’t insert a decimal, it is assumed a decimal is to be
> inserted at the end of the number input and then it inserts a decimal
> and two zeroes. So if I input 1257, it shows $1257.00 whereas I want
> $12.57. If I input 12, the application assumes $12.00 and not $0.12 
> This causes me to insert a decimal point exactly where I want it
> instead of the application assuming the last two digits are to have a
> decimal inserted before the two digits.

I think in order to do that you will need to write a macro to take the
input value and divide it by 100.

> Also, I don’t think the leading zeroes function is working for at
> least Format>Cells>Currency. No what number I input for leading
> zeroes, there isn’t any change in the output number.

The number of leading zeroes applies when there is less than the number
of digits specified in the whole number for the currency amount.  So if 
the leading zeros is 2, and you enter .23, it displays as 00.23.  If 
you enter 1.23, it displays as 01.23.  If you enter 1234, it displays
as 12.34.


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