I have updated my Drop Box BVL Summary Trial.ods sheet.  Here is the link to it (I hope that it works this time):


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Hi Again:

Well, my previous posting failed, due to the formatting not being carried over in the post. Copy and Paste works okay with a YahooGroup Mailing List, but not here. So, I am making another attempt to present my question/problem, and ask for advice and assistance.

(I imagine that this problem is not unlike a sales manager ranking the performance of 13 salesmen during a specific period, nor is it unlike determining which of 13 factories produced the highest product output over a specific time period. I have read through Chapter 7 of the Calc vers 3 user's guide, but did not find a solution. Perhaps this problem could more easier be solved using AOO- Base, with which I am not experienced in using.)


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I am working with a data set that, ultimately, at the end of a bowling tournament will show a collection of bowling scores. At present, there are 13 bowlers participating in the tournament, and that number might increase.

See this drop box link, which shows my work thus far: .

Cells E25:T25 contain the names of the 13 bowlers.  Cells E33:T44 contain the numerical data of interest (i.e., scores gathered during the tournament's competition phase).

I used the =LARGE($E$33:$T$44;1) thru =LARGE($E$33:$T$44;9) to calculate the nine highest scores within the score data of interest; the results are shown in cells E9:E17. This will ultimately be expanded to include the 45 highest bowling scores with the identifying bowler's name for each (qualifying) score. (I have begun doing that in cells G9:I19.)

I need to correlate the BOWLER'S NAME with each of the HIGHEST SCORES, and fill in the BOWLER's NAME column (cells D9:D17;H9:H19, etc.).  E.g., POSITION 1 shows a score of 233 (in cell F35) and that was by bowler Bob M. (in cell F25).

Is there a Calc function that will "look up" the appropriate name in Row 25 for each of the remaining HIGHEST SCORES and display the result within the BOWLER's NAME columns?

Any suggestions shall be appreciated.



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