On 8/1/24 04:52, Amin Jack Pędziwiater wrote:
I shouldn't giving advices about a software i've no permanently using ,
Robbie , but if i had to do it, I would recommend  the Opera Software email
client because of my previous experiences when Opera browser had imperfect
built in mailing system but after establishing cooperation with Google  it
abandoned the built-in version in favor of creating independent e-mail
So as so, try recognising that option among others.

On Sun, 7 Jan 2024, 20:26 Robbie Martin, <drrobbiemar...@me.com.invalid>

Very good point Amin! So what do you recommend? I hate the MS 365 Cloud
products actually, used to love desktop Outlook. Would like to purchase a
desktop email client, getting ready to buy a new laptop.

Primarily using an Apple email address, but will be starting a new
business with email based on my domain name.

Off topic but I figured other Open Office users would also be interested,
as Amin makes a very valid point!



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On Jan 7, 2024, at 8:27 AM, Amin Jack Pędziwiater <
aj.pedziwia...@gmail.com> wrote:

Welcome Jodi,
 From my opinion with this matter is not safe to produce some Email
as Open Source software. Outlook evolving. Much of e-mail programming
till now but all of them due to security reasons .
Think, Jodi... think and answer yourself.

On Sun, 7 Jan 2024, 15:31 Jodi Switalski, <jswitals...@wi.rr.com>


I'm just wondering if Open Office offers a stand-alone email program
can replace older versions of Outlook.

Thank you!


Remember that Opera is now owned by the chinese imperial government, to which, the Norwegian organisation that created Opera, sold the software, some years ago.

So, if you want whatever you would use opera for, monitored by the chinese imperial government, then, you might be happy with that, but, any email sent using anything to do with opera, should not be expected to be regarded as anything other than dangerous.

If using a UNIX-like operating system (thus excluding Apple operating systems and Microsoft operating systems, whilst I do not use it, evolution is supposed to (I believe) incorporate most the functionality of outlook, if not more.

The email application that is my strongest recommendation, is available, I believe, for most operating systems, is the most powerful, and, is older than the World Wide Web, and, older than the Internet, upon which, the World Wide Web runs.

But, it is not as pretty, as what most people want, as most people prefer pretty, with bells and whistles, rather than functionality, power, and stability.

Bret Busby
Western Australia

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