From: Jonathan Horne <<>>
Date: Wednesday, December 26, 2012 2:30 PM
To: "<>" 
Subject: [Users] adding multiple interfaces with different networks

i am trying to set up an ovirt cluster, each node has 4 interfaces.  em1 and 
em2 are bond2 (mode1), and their IP is the static IP of the node.  no problems 
there (the only problem is that it tries to set it back to DHCP each time i go 
into the config page, but thats easy to get around by re-checking static every 
time i do)

p3p1 and p3p2 are bond4 (mode4), and this is to be my backend iscsi traffic 
only.  VM data will share the other bond2 interface.  but each time i click 
"setup host networks" and assign the iscsi VLAN to the bond4, and assign IP 
address (only IP and net mask boxes appear there is no gateway box which this 
is fine by me, iscsi is all layer 2 anyway), check the save box and click OK, i 
get back to the hosts page and there is no IP address for the 2nd interface 

how do i get around this?  am i going about this wrong?

thanks for any help,

at this point, i got the iscsi network up, but i just assigned it right onto 
the bond4 by hand, and not using the web-gui.  not comfortable with that at all 
as i get near my production deployment.

but now i go to add a new vlan to the same interface as ovirtmgmt, but now the 
webgui errors out with internal error when i click OK to add to the interface.  
i cannot find a reliable document to read up on that tells me how to configure 
multiple vlans sharing interfaces.  this is what i need to figure out:



vlan 3210 is my iscsi, and that is working for the moment, but i doubt that did 
it right (i.e., as i said i didn't use the webgui, i just did it by hand).  if 
i try to add 3202 or 3204 to bond2, the gui errors.

i have no idea where to start digging this out, so any tips would be 
appreciated (especially if you know of a good document that describes 
multi-vlans per interface).


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