>> For me, I'd like to see official rpms for RHEL6/CentOS6. According to
>> the traffic on this list quite a lot are using Dreyou's packages.
> I'm going to second this strongly! Official support would be very much 
> appreciated. Bonus points for supporting a migration from the dreyou 
> packages. No offense to dreyou, of course, just rather be better supported by 
> the official line on Centos 6.x.

and one more for good measure!

> Better support/integration of windows based SPICE clients would also be much 
> appreciated, I have many end users on Windows, and it's been a chore to keep 
> it working so far. This includes the client drivers for windows VMs to 
> support the SPICE display for multiple displays. More of a client side thing, 
> I know, but a desired feature in my environment.

I'd like to see a spice client for Mac - i know of various ports but as of now 
on 10.8 i have to use VNC which is not ideal. I now spice != ovirt however they 
are very linked at this time.

> Thanks for the continued progress and support as well!


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