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> Sent: Wednesday, March 27, 2013 11:44:17 PM
> Subject: Re: [Users] AllInOne installation issue
> I used the net install and it looks as if the selinux-policy is up to
> date, the same goes for the initscripts. Should I use something else
> then
> yum to update them?

Hmmm... I am sorry, I seen this in the engine log, it may be out of sync with 
the ovirt-host-deploy log.

Going blindly...

In ovirt-host-deploy I see:
  File "/usr/share/vdsm/configNetwork.py", line 834, in _addNetworkValidation
    raise ConfigNetworkError(ne.ERR_BAD_NIC, "unknown nic: %r" % nic)
ConfigNetworkError: (23, "unknown nic: 'lo'")

Meaning the machine name is set for the loopback interface with is not 
supported by vdsm.

You should make sure that there is a real interface with valid address and the 
server fqdn is resolved to that address and not loopback.

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