I sincerely hope that this is not answered elsewhere as I've done several
searches and have yet to find a solid answer.  I have three (what I believe
to be) basic questions (with perhaps some subs there):

1)  What is the latest oVirt-node release and where would one download it
(I appear to only see 3.4 -based releases of the ISO available)?  It is
3.5-based and/or is there an upgrade path?  Which glusterfs release is
currently included with oVirt-node?

2) As I understand it, newer releases of oVirt-node allow you to do an
installation of the self-hosted engine at this time.  Is that correct?

3) Is there any functionality that one would be losing out on by deploying
oVirt via oVirt-node vs. using full-OS installation?  Which is the more

Again, I apologize if these questions are covered somewhere, but I felt
like asking them in a direct fashion so as to clear up my own ignorance.  I
appreciate any feedback and information that you could share.


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