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> I sincerely hope that this is not answered elsewhere as I've done several
> searches and have yet to find a solid answer.  I have three (what I believe
> to be) basic questions (with perhaps some subs there):
> 1)  What is the latest oVirt-node release and where would one download it
> (I appear to only see 3.4 -based releases of the ISO available)?  It is
> 3.5-based and/or is there an upgrade path?  Which glusterfs release is
> currently included with oVirt-node?


there are some 3.5 pre-release isos available here:

They are quite old. The reason why there is still no Node, is that we are 
installation problems after CentOS 6.6 got released.

That is why there is no Node for 3.5 yet, becuase we don't want to provide
a Node which is dead on arrival. This ain't fun for anyone.

> 2) As I understand it, newer releases of oVirt-node allow you to do an
> installation of the self-hosted engine at this time.  Is that correct?

Yes, that will work. Due to problems mentioned above, we still need to do some
fixes to the hosted-engine part of Node, but once they land, HE will work on 

> 3) Is there any functionality that one would be losing out on by deploying
> oVirt via oVirt-node vs. using full-OS installation?  Which is the more
> recommended?

Yes, ovirt-node is not as customizable as a regular host.
I.e. you can not (easily) modify the boot process, or install custom rpms.

Sometimes this is seen as a restriction, other see this as a well defined

> Again, I apologize if these questions are covered somewhere, but I felt
> like asking them in a direct fashion so as to clear up my own ignorance.  I
> appreciate any feedback and information that you could share.

No, no worries. There weren't any Node updates (besides the weekly meeting 
for a while.

We still traget to release Node for oVirt 3.5 ASAP.

- fabian

> Thanks,
> Chris
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