On 13/11/14 20:57, Christopher Young wrote:
> 3) Is there any functionality that one would be losing out on by deploying
> oVirt via oVirt-node vs. using full-OS installation?  Which is the more
> recommended?

Can't answer the others but here is my try on number three:

You lose the functionality of customizing your node in an easy
way, in a "full os" install you don't need many packages as well:
minimal EL6/7 and the added ovirt stuff (vdsm/mom).
also installation is easy, setup your host the way you like
it, add ovirt repo, let engine install, finished.

I'm still observing node, but imho it's kind of it's own
distro, you have many limitations, e.g. it's designed
to be read only for most files (making it more secure)
which creates more trouble to "persist" changes.

I honestly don't think there is enough dev power (in terms
of manpower) for node, too. As I said, it's like a fork
of el6/fedora, but with just about 5-10 devs.

I'm running very well with el6 hosts atm, I would
discourage the use of fedora nodes as well, because
there where multiple reports of broken hosts after package
upgrades in fedora (imho that's a no brainer, as fedora
is bleeding edge and thus more breakage does occur).


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