The domain is not listed not in the GUI. I'm not sure I should "add" or 
When I try to add a "New Domain" with a random name, use host "node1" and 
export path "ovirt1.<domainname>:/export/ISO", It says 
    "Create operation failed. Storage connection is already used by the 
following storage domain: ISO_DOMAIN"
If I try to "Import", I would get     "Import operationfailed. Domain 
ISO_DOMAIN already exists in the system."

     On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 12:51 PM, Donny Davis <> 

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{}#yiv4218441671 Have you tried to add the ISO domain in the GUI?  From: [] On Behalf Of Will K
Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 10:50 AM
Subject: [ovirt-users] Hosted-engine ISO domain  Hi all,  Got a 'successful' 
setup of 3.5 with hosted-engine on Centos 6.6.  During engine-setup, info was 
provide to create ISO_DOMAIN from /export/ISO.  After the VM was restarted, I 
see it is exported, but I don't see the ISO domain in the GUI or 
ovirt-iso-uploader list.  Would you please give me pointer on how to 
import/activate the ISO domain?  [root@ovirt1 ~]# exportfs
/export/ISO     <world>
[root@ovirt1 ~]# ovirt-iso-uploader list
Please provide the REST API password for the admin@internal oVirt Engine user 
(CTRL+D to abort):
ERROR: There are no ISO storage domains.thanksWill    

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