I can't remember if I already asked that here, but my researches returned nothing obvious.

It is frequent in our setup to boot a VM setup with two NICS :
- one in a network with a DHCP server, leading to a PXE/tftp/kickstart setup
- a second one with a network with no DHCP, nor routed. We use this network in some cases to access iSCSI data.

When PXE booting such a VM, I realized that in gPXE, the NICs are order according to their MAC address (net0, net1...) I found no mean to explicitly tell gPXE to use a specific interface, and it is a pain, because my setup workflow implies I could choose the correct interface.

In the oVirt web GUI, I found nothing about that.
In the ovirt-shell, I had no better luck.
In the gPXE wiki, I found nothing more that what's above.

This is not a big issue, but was worth asking.

Nicolas Ecarnot
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