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I see. It seems MAC addresses are allocated according to the NIC name

I'm not sure this is exact.
According to what I'm witnessing, MAC addresses are allocated in
incremental order, from the first free MAC address in the MAC pool range.

My question is as follows: when you create a VM, and add NICs as part of
the new VM dialog (using the widget at the bottom), have you ever
encountered a situation where a "higher-named" NIC got a lower MAC address?

Absolutely YES.
I just repeated this test, and it is easy to reproduce : in a MAC pool, manage to free some lower MAC addresses, and the will get allocated from the first free in the pool.

And I found this behaviour SOUND. Don't change it.

So the only problem here is how gPXE chooses a NIC to boot
from... I'm not familiar with the behavior of gPXE, but oVirt seems to
behave alright.

I mostly agree with that, in the sense that one has to dig in which way
gPXE is sorting the NICs, ie mapping the MACs to its "net0", "net1", and
so on.

That's the key point here for me, as it's difficult to predict the
behavior of n'importe quel piece of software... :)

Thanks for your explanation, though I think the present way oVirt is assigning the MACs and naming the interfaces are not bad and should not change. The key point is how to make oVirt force gPXE to use the interface we want, whatever its name or its MAC. If possible?

It seems I'm not the first one to deal with this issue :

Nicolas Ecarnot
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