I see the tap interface on the ovirtmgmt bridge which is in the subnet but your vm has a address. I don't know why it's attached to that bridge though since it looks like you've placed it on the dmz network. What happens if you change the IP address in your test vm to something in and then ping your gateway?

On 7/6/2015 1:06 PM, Julián Tete wrote:
Hi Friends of oVirt

This the data required:

I have a HP Enclosure with a HP SAN.
I can't change the net settings in the switch because we have VMware Virtual Machines in production in the same enclosure. The switch is in Trunk Mode and all the traffic are in Tagged VLAN's with ID's: 1,50,90,91 and 100.
I can play with 6 blades.
I in the first Blade I installed oVirt in hosted engine mode.
The only S.O is CentOS 7.1

I used inxi to brig the data for you:

My First Host is the only host until now (SPM) is the first data domain (NFS) and contains the hosted engine machine. I installed oVirt with ovirtmgmt in VLAN 1, over the interface eno1, without any VLAN Tagged configuration.

This the data for my first host:


This the data for the Engine:


This the data for the Virtual Machine created in VLAN 50:

S.O : CentOS 7.1
SELinux: Permissive
Interface: eth0

The Virtual Machine hasn´t any VLAN configuration.

In the 3 S.O, Network Manager is stopped and disabled, connectivity is managed by the network daemon.

This is the data for the Networking in the admin interface:












This the case

With No IP in the VLAN, and IP in the Virtual Machine, From the Virtual Machine can ping myself ( but I can't reach the gateway, can't reach the host, can't reach Internet.

Any help is appreciated

Thanks Friends of oVirt

2015-07-06 7:51 GMT-05:00 Soeren Malchow <soeren.malc...@mcon.net <mailto:soeren.malc...@mcon.net>>:


    To make it easier to understand what the situation is, it would
    help to
    see your bridging configuration and your interface configration.

    Something like:

    #> ip addr


    #> brctl show


    On 06/07/15 13:30, "users-boun...@ovirt.org
    <mailto:users-boun...@ovirt.org> on behalf of Dan Kenigsberg"
    <users-boun...@ovirt.org <mailto:users-boun...@ovirt.org> on
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    >On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 03:48:49PM -0500, Julián Tete wrote:
    >> Hi Friends of oVirt
    >> I'm trying to migrate my company from VMware to oVirt.
    >We'd like to help you do this!
    >> In my final tests, I set up 2 more VLANs in oVirt, (VM VLANs)
    >> The Virtual Machines in these VLANs, can be reached from the
    >> from the net range,
    >> but from the Virtual machines only can ping the Host with the
    Bridge and
    >> itself, can't reach the gateway. ¿?
    >> I configured a IP Forwarding in the Host with the virtual
    machine, and
    >> nothing changes...
    >> Any idea ? This is the last duty before embrace oVirt in the
    >> Look to the VLAN 100 configuration (My desired VM Network):
    >> http://postimg.org/image/7hrog0a2n/
    >> http://postimg.org/image/68b40i1vr/
    >> http://postimg.org/image/lu6mlshgp/
    >I must admit that I don't understand your problem yet. When you ping
    >from inside your guest, where are your packets dropped?
    >I'd like to point that your "Hosting" network, as most VM
    networks, is
    >better off left without an IP address. The benefit of this is better
    >security (host TCP stack is not accessible from VMs) and less
    chances of
    >routing collisions from the host.
    >So unless you need to use the same network for something other
    than VM
    >communication, try to clear its address.
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