To make it easier to understand what the situation is, it would help to
see your bridging configuration and your interface configration.

Something like:

#> ip addr


#> brctl show


On 06/07/15 13:30, "users-boun...@ovirt.org on behalf of Dan Kenigsberg"
<users-boun...@ovirt.org on behalf of dan...@redhat.com> wrote:

>On Tue, Jun 30, 2015 at 03:48:49PM -0500, Julián Tete wrote:
>> Hi Friends of oVirt
>> I'm trying to migrate my company from VMware to oVirt.
>We'd like to help you do this!
>> In my final tests, I set up 2 more VLANs in oVirt, (VM VLANs)
>> The Virtual Machines in these VLANs, can be reached from the external
>> from the net range,
>> but from the Virtual machines only can ping the Host with the Bridge and
>> itself, can't reach the gateway. ¿?
>> I configured a IP Forwarding in the Host with the virtual machine, and
>> nothing changes...
>> Any idea ? This is the last duty before embrace oVirt in the company.
>> Look to the VLAN 100 configuration (My desired VM Network):
>> http://postimg.org/image/7hrog0a2n/
>> http://postimg.org/image/68b40i1vr/
>> http://postimg.org/image/lu6mlshgp/
>I must admit that I don't understand your problem yet. When you ping
>from inside your guest, where are your packets dropped?
>I'd like to point that your "Hosting" network, as most VM networks, is
>better off left without an IP address. The benefit of this is better
>security (host TCP stack is not accessible from VMs) and less chances of
>routing collisions from the host.
>So unless you need to use the same network for something other than VM
>communication, try to clear its address.
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