Hi Dan,

I followed the described procedure:

1. put hosted engine in global maintenance
2. yum updated engine-setup
3. ran engine-setup and did updgrade
4. Next day ( all running fine ) I started update of the hosts with yum
5. I did not put host to maintenance.
6. As soon as yum updated/finished the errors started
7. I tried to restart services, ovirt-ha-agent, ovirt-ha-broker, vdsm no
8. I put a host to maintenance and restarted machine ( did this for all
hosts )
9. On the last host the hosted engine refused to migrate, the error was
something, HA filter no available host. ( I noticed the score was 0 with
hosted-engine )
10. I put hosted engine to global maintenance and powered off the hosted
engine and rebooted the final host.
11. I put hosted engine back online and it restarted.
12. Error was gone.

I did had old meta data ID entries in my hosted-engine listing, these are
now also cleaned, maybe it had to do something with these?

I send the log file of one of the hosts to your email.

Let me know if you want more info.

( issue with compatibility version is clear, I need to upgrade EL6 to EL7 )

Met vriendelijke groeten,
Paul Groeneweg

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Met vriendelijke groeten,

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