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> great!
> with 7.2 it should be automatic. I think with Windows it works
> automatically as well.
In the mean time I tested how to make it automatic also in my CentOS 7.1

I temporarily added this rule
inside /lib/udev/rules.d/55-ovirt-guest-agent.rules (but it could have also
been a plain new file for that matter):

SUBSYSTEM=="memory", ACTION=="add", TEST=="state", ATTR{state}=="offline",

With this row the addition is automatically intercepted and applied from
the OS too.
Tested changing from 8Gb to 10Gb of ram.

I'm not an udev guru.... I took inspiration form the already set up file
for cpu adition in 40-redhat.rules file.. ;-)

So perhaps the only change in 7.2 is an addition like mine in

> Questions:
> 1) which component to bugzilla against for message confusing window of the
> gui?
> doesn’t matter much, ovirt-engine, frontend.

Ok, I'll do

> Gianluca
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