On Thu, Dec 17, 2015 at 03:33:28PM +0000, Kristof VAN DEN EYNDEN wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> After trying to install oVirt 3.6 on CentOs which was a lot of pain, I ended 
> up installing 3.5 without hassle.

Would you provide more information (logs, screenshots) about the pains
of installing ovirt-3.6? These days, most of the development effort is
focused on stabilizing 3.6. No further releases of ovirt-3.5.z are
expected (up to horrible security bugs, etc), so we advise using 3.6 in
new instllations.

> BUT Now I'm trying to configure the network for my first cluster host but I'm 
> having troubles doing so.
> The server has 4 network ports,
> Eth0 = Virtual management network, 172.16 range, only used for oVirt / KVM
> Eth1 = Local network where the Guest should be accessible range 11.x
> Eth2/3 unused..
> Initially, no network is assigned, but I feel eth0 should be linked to 
> ovirtmgmt I automatically using it's IP that is assigned?
> When I assign ovirtmgmt to eth0 and set the IP to the corresponding IP it 
> already has for that host and the local network to eth1 the host loses 
> connection (until it resets it's connections...)
> ->not assigning an IP is no option as I can only select static /dhcp for 
> ovirtmgmt

ovirtmgmt should have been automatically added on top of the interface
that has the IP used to add the host to Engine.

Could you share your engine.log and {super,}vdsm.log from that time to
understand why did it happen?

Similarly, please share your ifcfg files prior to adding ovirtmgmt, and
the supervdsm logs that end up with disconnection.

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