On Wed, Apr 6, 2016 at 11:39 AM, Sverker Abrahamsson wrote:

> Has anybody succeeded in installing Ovirt 3.6 with hosted engine on a
> server which uses OpenVSwitch for the network config?
> I believe my issue is that Ovirt wants to control the network to create a
> bridge for its management and I wants it to just use whatever network is
> available on the host without trying to be clever about it. I was able to
> tweak it to get to the final stage where it fails on waiting for the engine
> to start.
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> Sverker
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Not tested yet myself, but you can use Openstack Neutron Services (and so
Open vSwitch) as a network provider.
There is also an appliance available with openstack components ready, but I
think you can install/deploy them yourself if you have the knowledge. See


I see that the doc contains oVirt 3.5 as a reference, so I don't kow
exactly if it is ready for 3.6 too and also if it contains an RDO version
newer than the cited IceHouse.

HIH digging,
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