On Mon, May 23, 2016 at 02:38:06PM +0200, Sverker Abrahamsson wrote:
> I've been giving this a new try. Unfortunately the setup script for hosted
> engine seems to be hardcoded to create a bridge on a physical network
> interface. I was somewhat successful by creating a dummy ovirtmgmt bridge
> interface and patching bridge.py to give back a static ip. Then the engine
> started up but failed later in the setup due to a faulty firewall rule.
> I then thought that ok I'll restore the network config to the original
> settings, run the setup and then add the OpenVSwitch config. That failed
> even more miserably before I got that far..
> As soon as vdsm activates it will write ifcfg files for eth0 and ovirtmgmt
> but with a config that doesn't work in my case as there are some additional
> parameters that are needed. For example it is missing the HWADDR setting in
> ifcfg-eth0. This is using the beta1 release of 4.0
> Even if I boot rescue image and correct the network configuration it will
> again be overwritten by vdsm on boot.
> I really need to make Ovirt understand that it must NOT change any network
> configuration on the host, just use what is provided to it and if there is
> something that it doesn't like then log the settings that should be changed.
> How can I accomplish that?

I did not follow all the complexities (host-engine-related and others)
but for your latter question, the suggestion is to write a
before_ifcfg_write hook, as defined in https://gerrit.ovirt.org/44552 .

Here's an example for such a hook script

which makes sure that whatever Vdsm wants to do to your ifcfg files, you
have the final word about what's written there.

> /Sverker
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