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> Thanks to all who answered.  Brett brings it to the point:  All sent links so 
> far are indeed helpful - thanks a lot - but not the reference I expected. 
> https://access.redhat.com/documentation/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Virtualization/3.6/html/Python_SDK_Guide/chap-Python_Reference_Documentation.html#Python_Reference_Documentation
>  mentions `pydoc`, but this documentation seems to be provided only for some 
> modules or to be incomplete.  Also for me not being a software developper and 
> newish to Python, the `pydoc` information is not very useful.  Where can I 
> e.g. find the documentation for vms.get() and vms.add() (just to name teo 
> concrete examples)?

I’m pretty sure the examples are all there is at the moment. I spent a while 
looking for reference material a few months ago and haven’t seen anything new 
mentioned in this thread. Between the examples and a couple of questions to the 
list, I managed to piece together what we needed (command-line-driven machine 
creation specific to our needs). 

I am a bit hazy on the specifics of what I did, but I recall that the main 
problem I had to ask about was with order-of-operations issues - it wasn’t 
obvious to me that setting some things out of the expected (by the API) order 
wouldn’t work. IIRC, this had to do with setting boot options.

Best of luck,

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