I think if you should be fine to rerun engine-setup in the engine-vm since
you didn't join a cluster.  If you don't want to have to retype the answers
just be sure to change the cluster name in the answer file.

[root@engine1 ~]# engine-setup --help
Usage: /usr/bin/engine-setup
        write log to this file.
        Load configuration files.
        Load extra configuration files or answer file.
        Offline mode.
        Generate answer file.
        Ask again about components that were disabled in previous run.
        Use this jboss.

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I realize now I shouldn't have set the default cluster name, is there a way
I can resume the install of the hosted engine?

I've got the engine up and running, so I just need to jump in from after the
engine install.


           Checking for oVirt-Engine status at XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX...
[ INFO  ] Engine replied: DB Up!Welcome to Health Status!
[ INFO  ] Acquiring internal CA cert from the engine [ INFO  ] The following
CA certificate is going to be used, please immediately interrupt if not
[ INFO  ] Issuer: C=US,xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [ INFO  ] Connecting to the
Engine [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Closing up': Specified cluster
does not exist: Production [ INFO  ] Stage: Clean up [ INFO  ] Generating
answer file
[ INFO  ] Stage: Pre-termination
[ INFO  ] Stage: Termination
[ ERROR ] Hosted Engine deployment failed: this system is not reliable,
please check the issue, fix and redeploy
           Log file is located at

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