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> Hi all,
> I just recently started testing out oVirt in our lab.  I’m using CentOS 7
> on my hosts and using the hosted-engine model, and the oVirt 3.6
> repository.  I have NFS storage.  I ran across what I think is a bug of
> some sort, and I’m curious if anyone else has tried this or know what’s
> going on.
> I wanted to be able to expose the NFS server (not necessarily the share
> used for oVirt storage domains, but other shares on the NFS server) to VMs
> running on my host (currently my setup only involves a single host). I have
> two 10GbaseT interfaced bonded together on the hose with two VLAN networks
> on it currently, one for the management network, one for storage.  When the
> hosted-engine deployment was set up, I ended up with an ovirtmgmt interface
> that was bridged to my infrastructure vlan interface (vlan 1080).  So, I
> added another network in my oVirt cluster named VM-Storage with vlan 1092
> (my storage network).  Here is approximately how I expected this to end up:
> bond0 - (bonded interface)
>   - bond0.1092 (STORAGE - vlan interface)
>      - VM-storage (bridged interface)
>   - bond0.1080 (INFR - van interface)
>     - ovirtmgmt (bridged interface)
> However, when I did network setup on the host, and dragged the VM-Storage
> network over to the network interface and hit OK, the UI just froze, and
> for a few seconds I checked on the host via ssh session and the VM-storage
> bridge was setup, then the server just rebooted.  After it rebooted, my
> vlan interface was no longer there and it seems like both the hosted engine
> VM and the host ended up being rebooted.  In thinking about it, I may have
> caused at least a temporary outage with my NFS storage when the new bridged
> interface was set up which caused (maybe) the HA agent to think the hosted
> engine vm went away or something, and that cause the reboots.  Not entirely
> sure, but this was certainly unexpected.  I have tried several times and
> the same result each time.
> I did check that any other VM network with a different VLAN ID provisions
> just fine on the host, so I assume there’s something that happens when this
> storage network is provisioned that is catching oVirt off-guard somehow.
> Anyone else have this issue before?  Can I solve this by adding another
> host, then moving the hosted-engine to a different host while I add the
> storage network to each host?
> Thanks.
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> *Lab Manager*
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> kmontgom...@cbuscollaboratory.com

Hi Kendal,

Please provide the logs from your host: Especially messages, vdsm.log and
ovirtmgmt network is set as a VLAN network in Engine? ( a screenshot of
your network configuration on Engine may help)

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