Title: Re: [ovirt-users] [Call for feedback] did you install/update to 4.1.0?

On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 9:59 PM, <ser...@msm.ru> wrote:

Updated from 4.0.6
Docs are quite incomplete, it's not mentioned about installing ovirt-release41 on centos HV and ovirt-nodes manually, you need to guess.
Also links in release notes are broken (
https://www.ovirt.org/release/4.1.0/ )
They are going to
https://www.ovirt.org/release/4.1.0/Hosted_Engine_Howto , but docs for 4.1.0 are absent.

Thanks, opened
I'd like to ask you if you can push your suggestion on documentation fixes / improvements editing the website following "Edit this page on GitHub" link at the bottom of the page.
Any help getting documentation updated and more useful to users is really appreciated.

Sure, thanks for pointing to that feature, you've already done this work for me)
I'll use github for any new suggestions.

Upgrade went well, everything migrated without problems(I need to restart VMs only to change cluster level to 4.1).
Good news, SPICE HTML 5 client now working for me on Win client with firefox, before on 4.x it was sending connect requests forever.

There is some bugs I've found playing with new version:
1) some storage tabs displaying "No items to display "
for example:
if I'm expanding System\Data centers\[dc name]\ and selecting Storage it displays nothing in main tab, but displays all domains in tree,
if I'm selecting [dc name] and Storage tab, also nothing,
but in System \ Strorage tab all domains present,
also in Clusters\[cluster name]\ Storage tab they present.

Thanks, opened

2) links to embedded files and clients aren't working, engine says 404, examples:
https://[your manager's address]/ovirt-engine/services/files/spice/usbdk-x64.msi
https://[your manager's address]/ovirt-engine/services/files/spice/virt-viewer-x64.msi
and other,
but they are in docs(in ovirt and also in rhel)

Thanks, opened

3) there is also link in "Console options" menu (right click on VM) called "Console Client Resources", it's going to dead location:
If you are going to fix issue №2 maybe also adding links directly to installation files embedded will be more helpful for users)

Thanks, opened

4) little disappointed about "pass discards" on NFS storage, as I've found NFS implementation(even 4.1) in Centos 7 doesn't support
fallocate(FALLOC_FL_PUNCH_HOLE), that quemu uses for file storage, it was added only in kernel 3.18, sparsify also not working, but I'll mail separate
thread with this question.


Thursday, February 2, 2017, 15:19:29:

did you install/update to 4.1.0? Let us know your experience!
We end up knowing only when things doesn't work well, let us know it works fine for you :-)

If you're not planning an update to 4.1.0 in the near future, let us know why.
Maybe we can help.

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Sandro Bonazzola
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