> Le 6 avr. 2017 à 15:47, Yaniv Kaul <yk...@redhat.com> a écrit :

> Perhaps in your case. Here[1] is an example of the ovirt system tests, which 
> were only partially converted (work in progress...) to v4 API.

yes that really related to my use case.

Another problem that I have with lack of documentation, that REST API 
documentation or samples don't provide.

In python, what does vms_service.list(search='name=NotExistingVM') will return 
? It's not stated in the REST documentation, but it's even worst in python.

It could throw an exception, return None, or return an empty list ?

If I'm using a sdk instead of direct HTTP call is not to be bothered my xml 
versus json representation, but instead find an answer to that kind of 
questions easily.
In the sample I just find:

vm = vms_service.list(search='name=myvm')[0]

Not really helpfull.

Is there any documentation about python exception thrown ? Or must I dig throw 
all the examples ?

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