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> As a user I must say this is a very welcome feature. I appreciate a lot
> that oVirt already makes it very easy to import VMs from VMWare .
> Allowing to export oVirt machines in OVA format, which as of today is the
> "lingua franca" of VM migrations offers a nice and clear path out of oVirt.
> Having an easy way to migrate out of oVirt makes me MORE likely to keep on
> using oVirt, not less.

There is some confusion around the OVA format that I'd like to clarify. OVA
is a very flexible format, in the sense that it's essentially an XML to
describe the VM, but the content within may be (and practically is)
whatever one feels like. A concrete example is a NIC - it can be (in
VMware's case) a vmxnet3 and in our case virtio-net driver. So the fact
there's a single XML that describes a VM has absolutely no assurance of an
oVirt, via virt-v2v integration, took the additional step to actually
perform a conversion from VMware format and drivers and specs to KVM and

The other way is left as an exercise for the reader, I'm afraid.

The goal of this feature, among others, is to more easily share VMs and
templates between setups for example.

Eduardo Mayoral Jimeno (emayo...@arsys.es)
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> On 14/05/17 15:56, Arik Hadas wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We would like to share our plan for extending the currently provided
> support for OVA files with:
> 1. Support for uploading OVA.
> 2. Support for exporting a VM/template as OVA.
> 3. Support for importing OVA that was generated by oVirt (today, we only
> support those that are VMware-compatible).
> 4. Support for downloading OVA.
> This can be found on the feature page
> <http://www.ovirt.org/develop/release-management/features/virt/enhance-import-export-with-ova/>
> .
> Your feedback and cooperation will be highly appreciated.
> Thanks,
> Arik
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