On 11/03/2017 01:17 PM, ~Stack~ wrote:
> On 11/03/2017 12:48 PM, Alexander Wels wrote:

>> But if all else fails you should be able to create a fresh engine, and after 
>> you have added a host, you should be able to import the existing storage 
>> domain (like you noted the VMs are still there).
> Greetings,
> Thanks, but I've tried that too. Even though it did delete the keystore,
> I ended up with the exact same error. :-(
> I'm doing a fresh install right now. I've never done an import like this
> before. I just connect the fresh install to one of my hosts and I can
> import the others hosts/vms/configurations?
> Thanks!
> ~Stack~

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So I built a new management host from scratch. I added one of my hosts,
and immediately crashed the vm's running on that hypervisor (they all
just stopped responding). I don't know why they didn't fail over, but
they didn't. Oh well. At least the other hypervisor is up!

So I tried following this guide to import my storage domain from the
section "Disaster Recovery flows" for "Import file Storage Domain".


Yeah. That didn't work. It says it can't find any other domains to
import, but if I attempt to create a new one it says it can't because
there are existing domains!

Well, while I was poking at it the other VM's started acting up (crazy
high latency and the ovirt logs were really pissed at me). So I shut off
the ones that still responded, then shut down the other hypervisor. I
backed up the VM's on my NFS share, and created a new directory for the
data domain.

Guess I'm rebuilding my environment from scratch. I just hope I can get
some of the VM's to come back some how. :-/


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