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> What a great Christmas present!
> I'm still running 3.6.3 All-In-One configuration on Fedora 22.  So it looks 
> like I'll be starting from scratch.
> Is there any decent way yet to take my on disk VM images and easily attach 
> them?  I put in an RFE for that which looks like it didn't make it into 4.2, 
> now slated for 4.2.1.
> The old way I used to do this was to create new VMs with new disks, then just 
> copy over my old VMs to the disk files of the new VMs.  I'm assuming I'll 
> still have to use that method.
> Are you running all-in-one with only this host or do you have more hosts 
> attached to this engine?
> Is your data storage domain local? Or is it shared / provided by a different 
> host?

I am running a single host configuration with local SATA disk.  When I need to 
change hosts, I generally just move the disks (or copy data via NFS) to the new 
host, create new VMs, then move the old VM disks into the new VM directory with 
the new file names and boot. 
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