If one was to attach a shared iSCSI LUN as 'storage' to an oVirt data centre 
that contains existing data - how does oVirt behave?

For example the LUN might be partitioned as LVM, then contain existing 
filesystems etc...
- Would oVirt see that there is existing data on the LUN and simply attach it 
as any other linux initiator (client) world, or would it try to wipe the LUN 
clean and reinitialise it?

Context: Investigating migration from XenServer to oVirt (4.2.0)

All our iSCSI storage is currently attached to XenServer hosts, XenServer 
formats those raw LUNs with LVM and VMs are stored within them.

If the answer to this is already out there and I should have found it by 
searching, I apologise, please point me to the link and I'll RTFM.

Sam McLeod

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