On Thu, January 11, 2018 9:53 am, Yaniv Kaul wrote:

> No one likes downtime but I suspect this is one of those serious
> vulnerabilities that you really really must be protected against.
> That being said, before planning downtime, check your HW vendor for
> firmware or Intel for microcode for the host first.
> Without it, there's not a lot of protection anyway.
> Note that there are 4 steps you need to take to be fully protected: CPU,
> hypervisor, guests and guest CPU type - plan ahead!
> Y.

Is there a HOW-To written up somewhere on this?  ;)

I built the hardware from scratch myself, so I can't go off to Dell or
someone for this.  So which do I need, motherboard firmware or Intel
microcode?  I suppose I need to go to the motherboard manufacturer
(Supermicro) to look for updated firmware?  Do I also need to look at
Intel?  Is this either-or or a "both" situation?  Of course I have no idea
how to reflash new firmware onto this motherboard -- I don't have DOS.

As you can see, planning I can do.  Execution is more challenging ;)


>> > Y.


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