I upgraded from 4.0.6 to 4.1.8.  I had created a VM in 4.0.6 but had
never started it nor had I ever run it before I upgraded.  I then
upgraded to 4.1.8 (which went very smoothly), but then I tried to use
the Run Once function to boot up and attach an ISO Image.  However when
I select Run Once, then Boot Options, the "Attach CD" option is
unchecked and wont let me select it like I could in 4.0.6.  If I try to
select the checkbox I see the popup flash but the box remains unchecked.

Is this a bug/regression in 4.1.8?

I did clear my browser cache thinking that might be it, but no, that
didn't help.

The only thing I could do was Edit the VM, go to Boot options, select it
there (which I could do) and then choose the ISO.  THEN I could run it
with the CD attached.


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