On 16.1.2018 21:05, Derek Atkins wrote:

I upgraded from 4.0.6 to 4.1.8.  I had created a VM in 4.0.6 but had
never started it nor had I ever run it before I upgraded.  I then
upgraded to 4.1.8 (which went very smoothly), but then I tried to use
the Run Once function to boot up and attach an ISO Image.  However when
I select Run Once, then Boot Options, the "Attach CD" option is
unchecked and wont let me select it like I could in 4.0.6.  If I try to
select the checkbox I see the popup flash but the box remains unchecked.

Hi Derek,

this reminds me UX bug https://bugzilla.redhat.com/1516311
It has been filed for 4.2, but it affects also 4.1.x.
It happens when the browser window width is less than approx. 1200 px,
if it is your case.


Is this a bug/regression in 4.1.8?

I did clear my browser cache thinking that might be it, but no, that
didn't help.

The only thing I could do was Edit the VM, go to Boot options, select it
there (which I could do) and then choose the ISO.  THEN I could run it
with the CD attached.



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