Hello All,

I am about to deploy a new Ovirt platform, the platform  will consist 4
Ovirt nodes including management, all servers nodes and storage will have
the following config:

*nodes server*
4x10G ports network cards
2x10G will be used for VM network.
2x10G will be used for storage connection
2x1Ge 1xGe for nodes management

*Storage *4x10G ports network cards
3 x10G for NFS storage mount Ovirt nodes

Now given above network configuration layout, what is best practices in
terms of nodes for storage NFS connection, throughput and path resilience
suggested to use
First option each node 2x 10G lacp and on storage side 3x10G lacp?

The second option creates 3 VLAN's assign each node on that 3 VLAN's across
2 nic, and on storage, side assigns 3 nice across 3 VLANs?

Tal Bar-or
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