Guys, any hints to this?

El 2018-03-21 12:37, escribió:

We're running oVirt 4.1.9, today I put a host on maintenance, I saw
one of the VMs was taking too long to migrate so I shut it down. It
seems that just in that moment the machine ended migrating, but the
shutdown did happen as well.

Now, when I try to start the VM I'm getting the following error:

2018-03-21 12:31:02,309Z ERROR
(DefaultQuartzScheduler3) [7985a4e2] EVENT_ID: VM_DOWN_ERROR(119),
Correlation ID: null, Call Stack: null, Custom ID: null, Custom Event
ID: -1, Message: VM is down with error. Exit
message: Bad volume specification {'index': '0', u'domainID':
u'04cb5bd0-d94e-4d14-a71a-e63a669e11b9', 'reqsize': '0', u'format':
u'cow', u'optional': u'false', u'address': {u'function': u'0x0',
u'bus': u'0x00', u'domain': u'0x0000', u'type': u'pci', u'slot':
u'0x06'}, u'volumeID': u'68ee7a04-ceff-49f0-bf91-256870543921',
'apparentsize': '3221225472', u'imageID':
u'9d087e6b-0832-46db-acb0-16d5131afa0c', u'discard': False,
u'specParams': {}, u'readonly': u'false', u'iface': u'virtio',
u'deviceId': u'9d087e6b-0832-46db-acb0-16d5131afa0c', 'truesize':
'3221225472', u'poolID': u'75bf8f48-970f-42bc-8596-f8ab6efb2b63',
u'device': u'disk', u'shared': u'false', u'propagateErrors': u'off',
u'type': u'disk'}.

It looks quite bad... I'm attaching the engine.log since the moment I
start the VM.

Is there anything I can do to recover the VM? oVirt says the disk is
OK in the 'Disks' tab.


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