It's not entirely clear what you want to do.

Ovirt is an interface that will control hardware nodes that runs virtual servers. It's similar to vmwares vsphere.

The engine need to be replicated so that if one goes down the other have the exact same information.


On April 3, 2018 14:16:14 TomK <tomk...@mdevsys.com> wrote:

Hey Guy's,

If I'm looking to setup the oVirt engine in an HA configuration off the
physical servers hosting my VM's (non self hosted), what are my options

I want to setup two to four active oVirt engine instances elsewhere and
handle the HA via something like haproxy / keepalived to keep the entire
experience seamless to the user.

From what I've seen in oVirt, that seems to be possible without the two
oVirt engines even knowing each other's existence but is it something
anyone has ever done?  Any recommendations in this case?

Having settings replicated would be a bonus but I would be comfortable
if they weren't and I handle that myself.

Tom K.

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