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> On 03/28/2018 05:31 AM, Fedele Stabile Nuovo Server wrote:
> > My question is mainly addressed at those of you who use oVirt not only
> > for creating services on virtual machines.
> > What is your experience and what did you made?
> Still consider myself an oVirt newb. Only been using it for a few months
> but I'm liking it so far. I don't have the hardware specs in front of me
> but I have a 4 node Hypervisor setup with a physical Engine host. All
> running on Scientific Linux 7.
> > Is there anyone who virtualized an HPC cluster?
> I'm still not convinced that virtualized HPC is a good idea for those
> who need compute performance. Though it is getting better than when I
> first heard someone say they were doing it at Supercomputing14!
> > What is for you the advantage on virtualizing a cluster?
> Um. As a 14year HPC admin, I still say none for compute. However, I am
> using oVirt to support a ton of my infrastructure services: Frontends,
> Log-ins, Scheduler, Database, LDAP, ect.
> I'm still learning how to set up something where my users can click a
> button on a webpage and get a VM spun up for a Graphical session on
> oVirt. I'm also still debating on the pros/cons for setting up oVirt
> VM's for things like JupyterNotebooks/RStudio Server/ect for the "I just
> want a web page to develop my code on and will submit to the cluster for
> the job run" crowd.

Few options to consider:
1. oVirt user portal (with VM pools perhaps?)
2.  vagrant with the oVirt provider
3. ManageIQ service portal
4. Ansible playbooks - a simple rule could suffice for most tasks.

> It is a huge learning process for me. Most of the tools I've been using
> have worked great for years, but it is time to update and refresh those
> skills. Most of the provisioning tools I've used in the past don't work
> so well with oVirt. So now I'm exploring other tools.
> Foreman is and overcomplicated buggy headache, IMO. Every time I or a
> coworker has tried to get it going it has been a massive
> time-suck-crash-and-burn. Add to it that my current security team has
> HUGE issues with Puppet (don't get me started - I like Puppet) and
> building Foreman by hand with Salt is just an awful awful awful
> experience I wouldn't wish on an enemy...just no. :-)
> DigitalRebar was looking SUPER promising, but they recently went to a
> model that MUST chat out to the Internet or it breaks itself (a complete
> no-go for me). A complete shame.
> So I'm back to Cobbler which is simple and works fantastically well, but
> doesn't really have any integrations into oVirt (that I'm aware of). I'm
> probably going to have to write something with the two API's.

Provisioning VMs and customizing them using cloud-init may be a viable

> > Or, having a class with PC or Raspberry is better to use LTSP or PiNet
> > or virtualize desktops?
> Can't say. Don't mess with Raspberry Pi's much.
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