On 04/09/2018 07:01 AM, Alexander Wels wrote:
> On Sunday, April 8, 2018 10:33:50 AM EDT ~Stack~ wrote:

>> Foreman is and overcomplicated buggy headache, IMO. Every time I or a
>> coworker has tried to get it going it has been a massive
>> time-suck-crash-and-burn. Add to it that my current security team has
>> HUGE issues with Puppet (don't get me started - I like Puppet) and
>> building Foreman by hand with Salt is just an awful awful awful
>> experience I wouldn't wish on an enemy...just no. :-)
>> DigitalRebar was looking SUPER promising, but they recently went to a
>> model that MUST chat out to the Internet or it breaks itself (a complete
>> no-go for me). A complete shame.
>> So I'm back to Cobbler which is simple and works fantastically well, but
>> doesn't really have any integrations into oVirt (that I'm aware of). I'm
>> probably going to have to write something with the two API's.
> Have you looked at ansible? You can make some playbooks that call the REST 
> api 
> and have it deploy the VMs for you. Or if you feel like writing your own 
> portal you can use the Java or Python SDK to access the REST api.

I have. It is one of the tools I've considered using. Thanks!

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