Thank you!

For reference, all I had to do was, on the oVirt hosted engine, run:
# yum install -y fence-agents-amt-ws
# engine-config -s CustomVdsFenceType="amt_ws"
# engine-config -s CustomVdsFenceOptionMapping="amt_ws:port=ipport"
# engine-config -s CustomFencePowerWaitParam="amt_ws=power_wait"

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Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Custom Intel AMT fencing question

On Tue, May 15, 2018 at 6:50 PM, Shawn Southern 
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Thanks for this!

I’ve got fence_amt_ws working fine, however the document you linked mentions 
creating a script, and I’m not sure how I’m to pass the various parameters 
(host to fence, etc.) to this script.  From the doc, I'm looking at:
​It's not creating , rather using the engine-config tool to set a custom fence 
agent ​

engine-config -s CustomVdsFenceType="amt"
engine-config -s CustomVdsFenceOptionMapping="amt:port=ipport"
engine-config -s CustomFencePowerWaitParam="amt=power_wait"

Will this pass a parameter called ipport that has the IP address or hostname of 
the host to fence to my script (which in this case is /usr/sbin/fence_amt)?

​Should work after restarting the agent , if not , please attach the engine.log 

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Subject: Re: [ovirt-users] Custom Intel AMT fencing question

On Mon, May 14, 2018 at 8:13 PM, Shawn Southern 
<> wrote:
I'm now using Intel AMT and the wsmancli package to reboot/power off/power on 
my entry level systems... but now I want oVirt to use this for fencing.

I created 3 xml files: powercycle.xml (uses PowerState 10), poweron.xml (uses 
PowerState 2) and poweroff.xml (uses PowerState 8).  Here is the poweroff.xml 
  <p:ManagedElement xmlns:wsa="";
        <wsman:Selector Name="Name">ManagedSystem</wsman:Selector>

I can then reboot or power on/off the server with:
wsman invoke -a RequestPowerStateChange -h 
[AMT IP] -P 16992 -u admin -p [amt password] -J /fencing/poweron.xml  (or 
poweroff.xml, etc).

My question is, how do I move from this to using this for fencing in oVirt?

​At the moment oVirt doesn't officially support AMT as fence agent. But I've 
just looked that on CentOS 7 we already have fence-agents-amt-ws package, so 
please try to install fence-agents-amt-ws package and test if it's working for 
your server​.

If above agent is working fine, then please take a look Custom Fencing oVirt 
feature [1], which should allow you to use fence_agent_amt_ws agent in oVirt. 
Am I right Eli?




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