Sorry for the multiple posts.  I had so many thoughts rolling around in my 
head.  I'll try to consolidate my questions here and rephrase the last three 

>>>"Try to get all data in advance (before deactivating the VG)". 

Can you clarify?  What do you mean by this?

>>>"I still can't imagine why the VG will disappear. Try with 'pvscan --cache' 
>>>to redetect the PV. Afrer all , all VG info is in the PVs' headers and 
>>>should be visible no matter the VG is deactivated or not."

I'll try that and see what happens.

>>>"Is this an oVirt Node or a regular CentOS/RHEL"

oVirt Node

>>>"You got 15GiB of metadata, so create your new metadata LV at least 30 GiB."

My presumption is that 15 GB is the max size the was specified when it was 
initially built but not the actual size right now, but yes, making it larger 
does make sense.  I was curious to know what the present size is.  Also, 
lvconvert man page specifies  a supported value between 2M and 16G  I will 
create a larger metadata volume assuming I can get the procedure to work 
properly  I am having some difficulty with the procedure, see below.

My most important question was here:
I am trying to follow the procedure from I am on step #2.  Step 2a and 2b 
work without issue.  Step 2c gives me an error.  

Here are the values I am using: 

# lvcreate -L 2G gluster_vg3 --name tmpLV 
(created with no issues)

# lvchange -ay gluster_vg3/tmpLV 
(command completed with no issues)

# lvconvert --thinpool gluster_vg1/lvthinpool --poolmetadata gluster_vg3/tmpLV 
VG name mismatch from position arg (gluster_vg1) and option arg (gluster_vg3) 

Do I need to create the LV on the same disk that failed?  (gluster_vg1) 
i.e.- perhaps my command is wrong and should be lvconvert --thinpool 
gluster_vg3/lvthinpool --poolmetadata gluster_vg3/tmpLV
** Perhaps this command assumes you already have a VG=gluster_vg3 and 
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