Command to repair a thin pool:
       lvconvert --repair VG/ThinPoolLV

       Repair performs the following steps:

       1. Creates a new, repaired copy of the metadata.
       lvconvert runs the thin_repair command to read damaged metadata from
       the existing pool metadata LV, and writes a new repaired copy to the
       VG's pmspare LV.

       2. Replaces the thin pool metadata LV.
       If step 1 is successful, the thin pool metadata LV is replaced with
       the pmspare LV containing the corrected metadata.  The previous thin
       pool metadata LV, containing the damaged metadata, becomes visible
       with the new name ThinPoolLV_tmetaN (where N is 0,1,...).

       If the repair works, the thin pool LV and its thin LVs can be
       activated, and the LV containing the damaged thin pool metadata can
       be removed.  It may be useful to move the new metadata LV (previously
       pmspare) to a better PV.

       If the repair does not work, the thin pool LV and its thin LVs are

This info seems to conflict with Red Hat advice.  Red Hat says if metadat 
volume is full don't run a lvconvert --repair operation.  Now I am confused.  I 
am familiar with LVM and comfortable with it but this is my first time trying 
to repair thin LVM.  The concepts of a metadata volume are new to me.
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