"lvs -a" does not list the logical volume I am missing.
"lvdisplay -m /dev/gluster_vg1-lvthinpool-tpool_tmeta" does not work either.  
Error message is: Volume Group xxx not found.  Cannot process volume group xxx."

I am trying to follow the procedure from 
I am on step #2  Step 2a and 2b work without issue.  Step 2c give me an error.  
Here are the values I am using:
# lvcreate -L 2G gluster_vg3 --name tmpLV 
# lvchange -ay gluster_vg3/tmpLV
# lvconvert --thinpool gluster_vg1/lvthinpool --poolmetadata gluster_vg3/tmpLV

VG name mismatch from position arg (gluster_vg1) and option arg (gluster_vg3)

Do I need to create the LV on the same disk that failed?  (gluster_vg1)
Is creating a new LV on (gluster_vg3) ok for this situation?
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