I  have been using 7.6 (and rewntly migrated to 7.7) on my oVirt 4.3.10  
withkut any issues  so far.

Are  you sure that it's  not  oVirt 4.4 specific  ?

Best  Regards,
Strahil Nikolov

На 30 юли 2020 г. 15:03:17 GMT+03:00, shadow emy <shadow.e...@gmail.com> написа:
>Good that is ok for you now.
>As Gianluca told you the command to see all the gluster volume settings
>is : gluster volume get vol_name all
>The previous command you used : gluster volume info vol_name   will
>list only modified settings from default and not all the settings. The
>output shows only volume "Options Reconfigured". 
>Regarding if this is an important bug that affects gluster 7.6(or other
>versions) and should be disabled by default, i dont know for sure.
>I am just using ovirt as a hyperconvergence tool.
> Maybe someone from the ovirt development team can answer that.
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