we have 3 hosts and a self-hosted engine VM (ovirt version 4.4.).
After rebooting all the hosts, we are unable to start the VM hosted-engine. In 
particular, the output of 'hosted-engine --vm-start' is as follows:
"The hosted engine configuration has not been retrieved from shared storage yet,
for more details please check sanlock status."

We checked the sanlock, ovirt-ha-agent and broker status but all are "active 

Checking the log files, all share the common error "RuntimeError: Couldn't  
connect to VDSM within 60 second", returned in loop.
In the vdsm.log we found this error:
2022-04-05 16:20:11,786+0200 INFO  (periodic/0) [vdsm.api] START 
repoStats(domains=()) from=internal, 
task_id=8541000f-e7fd-4b59-8ae6-522c87538688 (api:48)
2022-04-05 16:20:11,786+0200 INFO  (periodic/0) [vdsm.api] FINISH repoStats 
return={} from=internal, task_id=8541000f-e7fd-4b59-8ae6-522c87538688 (api:54)
2022-04-05 16:20:11,789+0200 WARN  (periodic/0) [root] Failed to retrieve 
Hosted Engine HA info, is Hosted Engine setup finished? (api:168)

We tried googling to resolve this issue but, unfortunately, unsuccessfully.

Can someone help us to solve our critical issue?

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