I have an environment where the engine wouldn’t start and the certificate 
expiry dates were as follows.

Host1 - 25th Sep 2022
Host2 - 11th Aug 2022
Host3 - 11th Aug 2022

I copied the vdsm certs from Host1 to Host2 & Host3

Engine then started on Host1 and then backed up.

Engine cert expiry 11th Aug 2022

I put the cluster into Global Maintenance mode and then tried:

‘engine-setup —offline’

Which failed as the validation check said the engine wasn’t in Global 
Maintenance mode even though ‘hosted-engine —vm-status said it was.

None of the Hosts are ‘GREEN’ (can’t remember what the status was as I’m 
writing this from memory) but their status is ’RED’.

There are VMs running on the 3 Hosts and I’m reluctant to restart anything at 
the moment.

Is there a way to refresh the engine certificate to get past this or do I need 
to restart vdsm service on each host to bring them back online as far as the 
engine is concerned?

The environment is currently at 4.4.6 and is to be upgraded to 4.5.2 next month.

Any help as always will be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

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