I tried your 'Try restore old certificates and simply run again engine-setup' 
but the validation fails with:
[ ERROR ] It seems that you are running your engine inside of the hosted-engine 
VM and are not in "Global Maint                                                 
                                enance" mode.
         In that case you should put the system into the "Global Maintenance" 
mode before running engine-setup,                                               
                                   or the hosted-engine HA agent might kill the 
machine, which might corrupt your data.

[ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Setup validation': Hosted Engine setup 
detected, but Global Maintenance is n                                           
                                      ot set.
even though I have placed it into Global Maintenance mode.

The problem is that all 3 hosts are currently 'Non Responsive'

FYI - In another environment where the vdsm certificates had expired on one of 
2 clusters, copying the certs from a host in the other cluster allowed the 
hosts to become responsive so I could 'Enroll certificates'.

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