On Wed, Sep 7, 2022 at 12:37 AM <si...@justconnect.ie> wrote:
> I tried your 'Try restore old certificates and simply run again engine-setup' 
> but the validation fails with:
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> [ ERROR ] It seems that you are running your engine inside of the 
> hosted-engine VM and are not in "Global Maint                                 
>                                                 enance" mode.
>          In that case you should put the system into the "Global Maintenance" 
> mode before running engine-setup,                                             
>                                      or the hosted-engine HA agent might kill 
> the machine, which might corrupt your data.
> [ ERROR ] Failed to execute stage 'Setup validation': Hosted Engine setup 
> detected, but Global Maintenance is n                                         
>                                         ot set.
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> even though I have placed it into Global Maintenance mode.
> The problem is that all 3 hosts are currently 'Non Responsive'
> FYI - In another environment where the vdsm certificates had expired on one 
> of 2 clusters, copying the certs from a host in the other cluster allowed the 
> hosts to become responsive so I could 'Enroll certificates'.

I guess that the engine failed to notice the move to global
maintenance, due to the expired certs.

If you are certain that indeed all hosts see that they are in global
maintenance - check with 'hosted-engine --vm-status' - you can update
the engine DB directly, e.g. with something like:


/usr/share/ovirt-engine/dbscripts/engine-psql.sh -c 'update
vds_statistics set ha_global_maintenance=f'

If all you want is to enforce engine-setup to skip this check, you can
try instead:

engine-setup --otopi-environment=OVESETUP_CONFIG/continueSetupOnHEVM=bool:True

Good luck and best regards,
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